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Enjoy Homecoming!

To all the families and members of our program. I hope you have enjoyed all the festivities this weekend. Enjoy the dance tonight! Coach R

Food for thought!

As you enjoy your time with your family, I came across this quote today. “In volleyball, as in many other team sports, the team that...


Confident- To stay confidence in yourself, just focus on all the good things about you and your abilities. If you dwell on past mistakes...


Resilient– Resilience means that you are able to bounce back after a mistake, or setback, or adversity. And a setback could be something...


Vision– This means that you literally have the vision of what you want for the future and how you plan on getting there. You’re able to...


Courage– Having courage helps you feel comfortable taking risks, which is not always the easiest thing to do because sometimes taking...


Passion– You don’t want to play volleyball just for the sake of playing volleyball or because your friends do it or because you just want...

Practice Reminders this week

No AM practices this week, Coach Amy and I are back teaching. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Freshman and JV - 3:30-5:00 Varsity- 4:30-6:30...

Updates to Website

Bees volleyball standards Please take a moment to read Links to sign up genius if you have not already done so.

Meet the Bees make-up meeting

The Fall Meet the Bees make-up meeting will be Monday, August 12, in the High School cafeteria @ 6pm


High school players helping with elementary school camp. Please arrive at the school @8:30 to help setup.

Spiketacular Info!

Please have payment by today! Please get your Final Forms information updated by today Please get you code of conduct form signed by today

Final Forms Info!

Make sure all final forms information is updated and volleyball is chosen as the sport. Please get done immediately if you have not.

Spiketacular Pools Posted

The pools for Spiketacular have been posted and are on our website. Please keep in mind, and this is coming from tournament directors,...

NOVA League Players

Please arrive at school by 5:35 so we can leave as soon as the bus arrives. Where are wearing white tonight. Go Bees !


The NOVA Summer League Schedule is posted on the menu tab. For those of you on the roster please let me know who can attend. Busing will...

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